Jo Premium Silicone Cooling Lubricant 2oz

Jo Premium Silicone Cooling Lubricant 2oz

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  • Product Sku: VDL40189
  • Manufacturer: System Jo
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  • Release Date: October 22, 2010


JO Premium Cooling Lubricant is our luxurious silicone-based formula. With its buttery smooth texture and long-lasting glide, it's perfect for extended sessions when you want to feel every stroke and movement. The gentle cooling sensation adds a tantalizing tingle to every touch and caress. Its carefully balanced formula even dries to a sumptuous soft-touch finish that leaves your skin feeling moisturized. This water resistant silicone-based formula stays where you put it.
Key Features
  •  Buttery Feel
  •  Cooling Sensation
  •  Preservative Free
  •  Highest Quality Silicones
  •  Long-Lasting Glide
  •  Compatible with Most Non-Silicone Toys
  •  Compatible with Most Condoms
  •  Made in the USA
  •  FDA Licensed
  •  ISO Certified

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Product Reviews

Great for entry into tight pussy

I wish they would combine the jelly silicone with the cooling lube. I love how thick the jelly is and it’s great for my woman’s comfort. I am a big fan of silicone lubes. I need the slick, long lasting lube with my size penis I have and that’s why I gravity toward the jelly’s. I am huge, 10” x 7” when I’m fully hard and ready to screw.
I use this cooling silicon lube when I lay her on her stomach to take her from a prone bone position. Her ass helps to cushion some of the length but doesn’t help with my massive girth. She needs the cooling for the size I’m pounding in and out of her. I’ll lay her down and straddle her with a knee in each side of her thighs. She pushes he ass up in the air as best she can and I angle my head to penetrate that pussy. I grab her ass cheeks and spread them so I can rub my lube covered head on her pussy lips, she moans as my tip presses her lips apart. At this point I press my head just inside and take in the fire as her lips strain to wrap around the crown of my cock. After that usually I’ll take a few minutes to finger her, stretching her pussy open for the massive cannon I’m going to fuck her with. I stretch her out with a few fingers and bring her to orgasm before I start to get ready to get mine. Her pussy is dripping wet and I drizzle this cooling lube on my cock as I straddle her. It flows all over and drips onto her ass. I rub my massive penis between her ass cheeks, lubing up my penis before I open her up. I keep her legs tight together and spread her ass cheeks open to expose her pussy. I slowly stick my penis inside of her and let go of her cheeks to be that buffer that prevents me from being able to use my full 10”. I pull her hands behind her back an pin them down as I pound my member in and out of her. The cooling sensation helps to soothe her as I stretch her pussy open to fuck her hard.

Anonymous - February 5 2023

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